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"Fabulous after Fifty™" is the Syndicated On-Line Weekly Column by Shirley W. Mitchell, a National Author/Writer/Syndicated Columnist/Speaker and Celebrity Radio Talk Show Host, also known as "The Golden Egg of Aging™" -  View some of the most inspirational and motivational articles on aging, baby boomers, seniors, senior lifestyles, health, diet, exercise, business, women's and men's issues, specific topic articles, poems, writings, recipes, area news, and special people. Shirley W. Mitchell's "Passion" for encouraging Aging people is both Contagious and Intense! We have the Ability to Change Aging History with our "Pulse" & "Faith". To Teach. To Educate. To Transform. If you enjoy the Articles posted here, you will certainly enjoy my Column Articles within  "Senior Lifestyle Magazine".

"Fabulous after Fifty™" is fashioned after her "Lace Over Steel™" and "Fabulous after Fifty™" Weekly Newspaper Columns that appeared in the Sand Mountain Reporter of Albertville, Alabama. We want to thank the newspaper and all our readers for their support over the past 25+ years Ms. Mitchell's Column was printed. We inspire to bring more Style and Enthusiasm to it in the future.

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This Weeks Article - Aug. 8, 2013

Aug. 8, 2013 - The Sistine Chapel: A Legacy of Faith ©
by Shirley W. Mitchell, Life Is Precious™ - Fabulous after Fifty™

August is a great travel month. A half century ago, I had the great privilege of visiting the Sistine Chapel in Rome Italy! What a wonderful spiritual experience.

In my book SENSATIONAL AFTER 60, Loving Life All Over Again, the 14th chapter is entitled “Make Your Life a Michelangelo! Paint your picture of aging with his gusto. This book has been updated and has a new cover, if you would like to purchase a copy for $12.

As the cardinals met this year, 2013, to elect our popular Pope Francis: using the awe inspiring Sistine Chapel, they were surrounded by the magnificent work of Michelangelo! You remember the white smoke coming up from the Sistine Chapel when the new Pope was elected.

Interesting Facts I've Learned About The Sistine Chapel:

1. The Sistine Chapel was Consecrated to the virgin Mary in 1483!
2. In the late 15th and the early 16th century, Pope Sixtus IV and Julius 11, commissioned the famous Michelangelo, with the help of Sandro Botticelli and Pietro Perugino to create the sensational ceiling to the glory of Almighty God.
3. Pole Adrian VI, wanted the 20 nude muscular men that Michelangelo painted on the ceiling to be painted over; however that never happened!
4. Michelangelo worked hard and long on the Deity’s face! He repainted it five times.
5. More than 350 figures decorated the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, including children, angels and demons.
6. Michelangelo completed the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in 1512, and returned 24 years later and painted on the altar wall the “Last Judgment.”

God bless you on the rest of your summer travels!

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